Meet Carmen!

For those of you who were at our Penang Half Day workshop this past weekend, you would have definitely seen this bubbly person out and about! To reboot our Connecting with Facis section, we will be introducing the core committee members first and there is nobody else better to start with than Carmen!

Ready? Let’s get to know Carmen better!

Meet Carmen! Here she’s chilling with a flavor of a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that she ordered in Vermont last winter.

Introduce Yourself

Hey there! At five feet tall with a chronic sweet tooth, I’m a rising sophomore freshman at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a major in Statistics and most likely an additional major in French. The first year of my undergraduate studies has reinforced my sense of independence and perseverance, has elucidated the importance of making the best of
what you have and has taught me never to underestimate and underrate an aromatic and delicious glass of piping hot teh tarik.

What did you do in high school?

I was president of the school orchestra in which I played the cello, sub-editor of the Editorial Board, vice president of the Board of Peer Counsellors and vice president of the Career Club. During my high school days, I spent most of my time reading and writing. Looking back, I did much more during high school than I did now (or so it seems) and I still had more free time then that I ever do now!

Carmen checking out an exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Why did you choose to apply to the US?

I first found out about the liberal arts education system from the USAPPS 2010 Penang workshop held in INTI International College Penang. From then on, the American education system has always intrigued me in its focus of breadth and depth. While this may be nothing new, it has always been an important reason that many of us are in love with the American education system. I mean, where else can you learn about Voltaire and Newton while pursuing a degree that has nothing to do with either of them?

What is your favorite college class so far?

Having experienced only two semesters of college doesn’t make it any easier to choose a favorite class, but I guess I would go with a French class I took, The Francophone World. I’m geographically-challenged, and I (still) cannot place Mauritius and Egypt on the world map even if my life depended upon it. This class exposed my ignorance of the world I am living in, and it has taught me so much, particularly with regard to language, politics and culture of the Francophone countries. It is one of those classes whereby I wished lectures were much longer than 50 minutes each!

Carmen at an Alpha Phi Omega spring formal