An overview of the US education system, ranging from the introduction of what Liberal Arts Colleges are to how the education in US differs from that of other countries, such as Malaysia, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Get to know the life in different parts of the US and various types of school from a diverse group of facilitators.

UPDATE: Registration is now closed. However, we do welcome walk-ins!

Date: 20th July 2013

Time: 2pm – 6pm (Registration begins at 1pm)

Venue:  Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus (Venue Sponsor)

Fee: Free

Eligibility: Students, parents, teachers and school counselors

Guest Speakers:

Andew Loh – Swarthmore College alumus
Andrew majored in Political Science and minored in Islamic Studies in Swarthmore College. He thinks Malaysians should at least consider tertiary education in the United States because the rich and powerful are sending their kids there /wink. Non-exhaustive proof of the global shift of power:

  •  Dato’ Sri Najib Razak (Nottingham University, UK):
    • Nor Ashman (Georgetown University, USA)
    • Nooryana Najwa (Georgetown University, USA)
  •  Lee Kuan Yew (Cambridge, UK):
    • Lee Hsien Loong (Cambridge, UK)
    • Li Hongyi (MIT, USA)

Hwa Yang Jerng – Bates College alumnus
Jerng studies the quantification of human experience, but usually just tells people that he’s into language. He studies programming and other technical subjects in his free time. Currently, he’s working to help a client set up a US third-wave coffee shop in KL. Jerng has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bates College, with a major in Philosophy.

Atiqah Nadiah Zailani – Stanford University alumna
Atiqah attended Stanford University between 2005-2009 and graduated with a BSc in Biological Sciences and a MSc in Management Science & Engineering. She has worked in Japan, China and the United States before returning to Malaysia to work with the Government and subsequently TalentCorp Malaysia. She hopes more people will apply to the United States, and to her alma mater in order to populate the Stanford Alumni Club with more bodies.

Carol Yong – Berkeley College alumna
Carol is a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate from Berkeley College, New York, where she majored in Fashion Marketing and Management. Before setting foot in New York City, Carol also obtained a Diploma in Fashion Retail and Design from Limkokwing University in Malaysia. While in New York, Carol was involved in a variety of volunteer and internship experiences, ranging from participating in six seasons of New York Fashion Week to remodeling the former apartment of artist Keith Haring.

Carol is currently working at Groupon Malaysia, where she specializes in Strategy & Planning for the travel department. When she’s not working, she enjoys photography and all things tech-related. New Yorker at heart, impossibly addicted to vanilla ice cream, dog lover. Small town girl reaching for big city dreams. She can be reached at kehrole [at] gmail [dot] com.


Sharon Ling – Mount Holyoke College alumna
Sharon is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies (major) and Asian Studies (minor). She credits her 4 years at the all-women’s liberal arts college for giving her a renewed sense of self, igniting her passion for social justice, and providing her with lifelong mentors and best friends who do amazing things and help change lives worldwide. She currently works as the Parliamentary Assistant for a certain Klang Valley MP and plans to return to the US in a few years to get her Masters in Urban Policy (can’t stay away from US cities).

She is happy to talk to prospective students about understanding society, politics, culture, identity, race relations and multiculturalism in the US; reasons to apply to all-women’s colleges and/or liberal arts colleges; making the most out of your US university experience; and ‘alternative’ prospects and careers in social justice, nonprofit and public interest work.
She can be reached at sharon.wh.ling[at]gmail[dot]com.



  1. Check-in and Walk-in Registration
  2. Venue Sponsor Speech
  3. Introduction for USAPPS
  4. Introduction to US Education
  5. Different types of schools
  6. Pathways to the US
  7. Break!
  8. Application Details
  9. Student life
  10. Financial Aid
  11. Guest speaker session
  12. Open Floor/Q&A

One thought on “Klang Valley Half-Day Workshop

  1. Hello,may I know will usapps organise workshop in south of malaysia like johor ? Because both klang and penang are a bit far for me,I can’t go T^T .Sunday is a school day for Johorians too.

  2. Hello Joelyn, unfortunately we don’t yet have the resources to go all the way to the South. Nonetheless, we do have a workshop in Klang Valley on a Saturday! Do consider coming. If not, you can always email us any questions that you have.

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