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We spent the entire year replying to 2am WhatsApp messages to bring you the 11th edition of USAPPS!

Hi everyone! I am Charissa Lee (she/her) and I am a rising Sophomore at Wesleyan University and a Freeman Asian Scholar. I intend to double-major in Dance and Government/History. I have been dancing ballet since I was three but, at Wes, I have been branching out to different dance styles. I spend way too much time in the library either sleeping/watching The Office, studying sometimes. I really enjoy meeting new people and building solid relationships with good conversations that give me new perspectives. Similarly, I love learning new things, even if they seem completely random and irrelevant; those are the best nuggets of knowledge!

For the longest time, I planned to go to a UK university. But 3 months before the EA deadline, I decided to give America a shot. And as painful as the admissions process was, it made me realise how much I wanted an American education and how much it would fulfill me. Ask me any dance-related questions and/or deciding between the UK and the US!

Hello, I’m Sean! I’m a rising senior at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) pursuing a double-major in Financial Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Before UCLA, I spent my first two years of my undergraduate at Foothill College, a community college in Silicon Valley. My favorite hobbies include playing futsal, bowling, piano, and sparring in taekwondo!

I have been involved with USAPPS for the past two years as a facilitator and am currently one of the core organizers for USAPPS 2020! Throughout my time, I have gained lots of connections and experience. I am ecstatic to host the first virtual USAPPS to you!

Sup, I’m Tzu a rising sophomore at Occidental College (Oxy)! I’m intending to double-major in Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and minoring in Comparative Studies in Literature & Culture. I geek out hard on startups, philosophy, art, movie analysis, music theory, esports, and powerlifting techniques; but above all, I want to figure out what I value and why I’m wrong about everything. Currently seeking discomfort, self-actualising and deciding who has the best ideas for things, living or dead.

I’ve been a USAPPS participant for the past 3 years and being a core allows me to create more value than I capture. I’ve made 80% of my Malaysian friends in America through USAPPS alone. Talk to me, I want to know what you ache/live for… or we can talk about extracurriculars and seeking external opportunities as a student in America. Be courageous, be antifragile, be infinite. Rise up, don’t throw away your shot!




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