Here’s what the participants of USAPPS 2012 had to say about it:

The two most important pieces of information that I received from the USAPPS workshop were: 1) What admissions officers look for in an application. 2) Choose a University that’s most YOU.
What I mean by the second point is that I was told that it is just as, if not more, important to research about your university choice as it is about what the university wants.
Aidin Massoumi – University of California, San Diego ’17

After attending the USAPPS workshop, I was more certain of the schools I wanted to apply to. The workshop emphasized on finding schools that were the right fit. I found the networking sessions very engaging as the facilitators shared their personal experiences. I also got to more about a school through current students. This form of networking even extended beyond the workshop. I am thankful to those who helped me through the entire application process up to the day I received my acceptance letter. Clearly, these facilitators are genuine in helping Malaysians to study in the US.
Amelia Yeoh Jia Min – Smith College ’17

For me, USAPPS made easy what initially seemed to be a daunting application process. Being able to communicate with many people who were only recently in my shoes was very helpful. After that weekend, I felt very much more confident of my chances of securing a place at university in the United States.
Barathan Jeevaretanam – University of California, San Diego ’17

With three sisters having studied in the United Kingdom,  it seemed inevitable for me to travel down the same path. However, with my cultivated interest in a more hands-on form of learning,  I aspire to throw myself in a new world of experiences, maximizing my exploration.  Lastly but most importantly,  USAPPS helped me the most in reaffirming my decision to pursue my dreams in the US!
Bryan Guan – University of California, San Diego ’17

I already had a clear picture of US university applications when I went to USAPPS 2012. However, the workshop helped me to tie up the loose ends in my head as I had the opportunity to talk and raise my questions to the facilitators and speakers. It was also a great avenue for me to gain valuable information about particular schools from various perspectives (current students, interviewers etc). So, whether you think are a lost puppy or mister/miss know-it-all when it comes to securing a place in a US university, USAPPS is a workshop you should not miss out on!
Eufern Pan – Duke University ’17

What is so amazing about the USAPPS is the dedicated facilitators who would answer any questions that you have during and even after the workshop. Since they have been through the application process, they are able to shed light on the important aspects of a a personal essay and the emphasis of a ‘good fit’ when selecting colleges. A few of the facilitators have debunked some of my self-doubt and fears about the application process. Besides, the ‘go chase your dreams and never give up’ vibe from the workshop has brushed off on me. 
How Han Ming – Wesleyan University ’17

USAPPS got rid of the feeling that I was applying to USA alone!  Glad to see so many who have went through the process and are attending top-notch unis. It’s incredibly motivating to see that as well.
 I felt that USAPPS clarified most of my questions and made the process of applying more understandable, compared even to visiting the college counselor.
Thank you for helping me!
Hweii Chiee – Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst ’17

I think USAPPS 2012 has helped me understand the process of applying to the US as well as connect with other seniors. As an ADP student from INTI, although I found the half-day workshop much more geared towards first-year/freshmen applications, I did manage to find some answers I was looking for. Thank you USAPPS! I do hope this year’s workshop will have equal emphasis on International Transfer applications as well!
Lee Wen Chuan – University of Minnesota Twin Cities ’15

The first time I attended the USAPPS workshop, I remember the one, uniform thing that struck me the most about it — it was inspiring. Everyone involved was so willing to help and share their experiences, I felt it contributed a lot to how much the audience was able to take away from the workshop.  It was such a brilliant environment, one that I imagined studying in the US would be like and that is what motivated me throughout the admittedly, taxing application process.
Syarifah Aminah Ibrahim – University of California, Los Angeles ’17

I didn’t make it to both days of the workshop but I learnt a lot from just one day. It always comes down to the personal statement, and I thought that you guys helped a lot in guiding us to write the essays.
It would be great too if you guys could provide a name list of a representative of  Malaysians from as many colleges as possible in the US for the participants to contact, if they need any information about the college.
Thanks and keep up the good work!
Wardah Shafiqah Mohammad Fadil – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor ’17

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