Below is a list of people who have volunteered to be contacted if you have any questions post-workshop about your application or if you want to get in touch to ask something specific. To get a volunteer’s email, just click on their name. Please observe our online etiquette guide (find it here) when contacting volunteers – while they are happy to help, they can only do so according to their schedules. If you are looking for people to help proofread your essay, please give them a reasonable amount of time to get back to you. Huge thanks to all the volunteers below!

Interested in signing up to be one for USAPPS 2018? Watch this space for registration details.

Note: ADP is a general term for a preparatory program that is US specific. Different institutions have different names for it; for the sake of simplicity, we use the term ADP to refer to all of them. The institution-specific names are as below:

  • AUP (INTI)
  • ADP, ADTP (Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya)
  • PPOU, Foundation Program (UNITEN) – scholars only.


Name School and Class Year Self Description Ask me about Preparatory/Pre-university program and institution
Adelyn Yeoh Mount Holyoke College ’15 Penangite, former ASEAN Scholar, liberal arts enthusiast, Math and Political Economy double major, enjoys counterculture. Obsessed with my dog, Oats.
  • Essays
  • Financial aid
  • Choosing colleges
  • Having shitty grades
  • Gap years
  • Feeling lost about what to pursue in college
A-Levels at St. Andrews Junior College, Singapore
Aishwariya Krishna Kumar University of Pennsylvania ’15 I’m a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying Economics and Political Science.
  • Anything, except information that a simple online search will provide.
Amelia Yeoh Jia Min Smith College ’17 I’m an incoming freshman who plans to major in biomedical science or possibly neuroscience.
  • STPM
  • Financial aid
  • Liberal arts colleges
  • Standardized tests
STPM at Saint Xavier’s Institution
Annabelle Ooi Mount Holyoke College ’17 Random thought of the minute: I love Rocky.
  • Financial aid application
  • Taking a gap year
  • Minimizing application costs (app fee waiver, PROFILE waiver, SAT score-sending fee waiver, etc.)
A-Levels at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya
Ayzvara Suntharalingam University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign ’16 Guy who loves soccer, good food and great music. Taking life on a day-to-day basis.
  • Insights on the US education system
  • Application procedure & resources.
  • Mentoring & coaching.
A-Levels at HELP
Brenda Lau University of Sheffield ’14 A little crazy in the head (but fun) with a penchant for anything green tea!
  • US and UK academic and social differences, application process
A-Levels at HELP and Taylor’s College Subang Jaya
Carmen Khoo Carnegie Mellon University ’16 An intended Statistics major with a possible additional major in French.
  • Essays
  • Liberal arts education
  • Student life
  • Choosing schools
Charis Loke Brown University ’13 Lucky to have had wonderful professors and friends, opportunities to grow and learn, and new perspectives on life throughout college. Write and say hi!
  • Essay-writing
  • Experiences at Brown
  • College life – classes, being interdisciplinary, learning outside of school.
Bee Chern Wei Cornell University ’16 Product of Malaysia made from crazy dreams, curiosity, fat, debates, laughter, friendliness, biology, creative writing, sarcasm, and downright silliness. Limited edition, and not for sale.
  • Practically anything, but I especially love talking about personal statements and supplement essays
Dania Annuar University of California San Diego ’16 I’ll try to answer questions of any kind, so don’t hesitate to ask! Just hoping I can help even a little bit :)
  • Essays
  • Application details
  • Why the US?
  • Choosing courses
IB at Kolej MARA Banting
Daniel Arul Nesan University of California Berkeley ’17 Prospective freshman at UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources
  • Application process
  • Essays
  • How A-level grades translate into the American system
  • The SAT’s
Dayana Mustak University of Pennsylvania, ’17 Intended major: Psychology. Nearing the end of my post A-levels gap year. I love people, poetry and TV shows. Your average girl next door.
  • Applying to UK vs US
  • Application details
  • Standardized tests
  • Applying for scholarships/loans
A-Levels at Sunway College
Dylan Ler University of California Los Angeles ’16 I am a chill person studying in UCLA. I did quite a bit of research about education pathways before I came here, so you can ask me about stuff like that. Also, SoCal’s weather is the best.
  • Application details
  • Essays
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Education pathways, and etc. Basically anything education related.
A-Levels at KDU
Elaine Yong Sarah Lawrence College ’16 A Kuchingite who loves God, people, pets and Sarawak Laksa. Passionate about human rights and incredibly thankful for the opportunity to study in the US.
  • Applying for financial aid
  • The waitlist
  • The Common App process
  • Life in New York
  • The transition from A-Levels to education in the US.
A-Levels at Sunway College
Elsheba K. Abraham Johns Hopkins University ’16 I’m a friendly person who loves to go on adventures and explore new places . I am very into dance (specifically, hip-hop) and also am involved in the campus Christian Fellowship group. I’m currently doing a double major in Behavioral Biology and Anthropology with a possible minor in Italian ! :)
  • Application
  • School life
  • Friends, subjects, local area – anything really that you want to know
Eufern Pan Duke University ’17 I am of the first batch of Bursary students. I applied to 19 American colleges; accepted by 8, wait-listed by 6 and rejected by 5.
  • Bursary-to-JPA transition
  • Common Application
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Interviews
  • Decision-making
  • Personal experiences.
A-Levels at Sunway College
Fam Kai-Cong Bernard M. Baruch College of The City University of New York ’17 Undisciplined vegetarian who likes to dance, sing, joke around, sleep, eat, fart, laugh, listen to stories, give advice, watch sit-coms, and have i mentioned eat?
  • CUNY
  • Architecture
  • Applying after gap year
  • UC
  • LAC with high international students/financial aid
  • Community colleges
  • ADP Vs. Community Colleges
  • Schools with cheaper tuition fees
A-Levels at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya
Farhan Lokman University of California Berkeley ’16 Talkative and a sports’ enthusiast. I tend to look serious most of the times but I’m pretty friendly, I guess? :D
  • Anything
ADP at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus
Hobart Lim Yale University ’14 This Tiong Leng Kia loves all things delicious and thinks there’s no better place to retire than Penang.
  • Anything about life in the states, at Yale, financial aid process, and the application process.
Cambridge AS at DISTED College, ADP at INTEC
How Han Ming Wesleyan University ’17 I love storytelling in all forms. Come tell me a story to make me happy.
  • Scholarship applications
  • Financial aid
  • How to select colleges
  • Why apply to a LAC
  • How to apply for a grant to cover application fees etc
A-Levels at Methodist College
Hwa Yang Jerng (Jerng) Bates College ’05 KL based. I play the anti-social nerd archetype, and have some experience in organizational leadership, information systems, business process optimization, and philosophy of education.
  • What admissions officers look for
  • Writing & interviewing technique;
  • Picking schools and majors based on end-goals
  • Why anyone should admit candidates with “undecided” majors.
SPM at SMK Methodist (ACS) Seremban
Hwang Sin Ye University of Michigan ’16 I like reading, and cooing over cute fluffy animals (but only from afar). I also hate using facebook but have recognized it’s necessity. Curse you, Facebook.
  • Life in the US
  • Undergrad research
  • Food, vacation… anything I guess…
ADP at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus
Iswari Nallisamy Cornell University ’14 Survived the odds of a rural poor background, low SAT score, and a simple resume to make it into Cornell. Believes in making your own destiny.
  • Application essays
  • Scholarships
  • Resumes
  • Application process
  • Fee waivers
  • Early Decision application.
Jason Leong University of Pennsylvania ’14 [insert smiley face]
  • Scholarships
  • Business schools
  • Finance/accounting-related questions
  • Differences between applying to the States vis-a-vis Canada, UK and Australia.
Jason Teh Brown University ’16 People affiliated with Brown are called Brunonians, not Brownies. :)
  • Transfer Apps
  • Application Essays
  • Standardized Tests
Jeamme Chia (Jing Min) Sarah Lawrence College ’13 Slightly socially awkward, food-loving, traveling, Penangnite. I love helping people get from where they are, to where they want to be. Currently in love with “The Newsroom”. Go ahead, Google it.
  • Liberal Arts Colleges/Liberal Arts
  • International work
  • Culture-shock
  • Food
  • Breaking the mold
  • Taking control of your education
IB at International School of Penang (Uplands)
Johan Mohtarudin Bates College ’16 Found my way with a mix of sheer good luck and chance of stumbling upon another’s experience abroad. Would love to return the favour.
  • Anything from Pre-U programs to the different schools or even how life is like in the States.
Jorene Ooi Northwestern University ’15 Part-time student and full-time slacker
  • Essays
  • Life in the States
  • Choosing a college
  • Anything about Northwestern
Joyce Lim Wellesley College ’16 I’m a rising sophomore at Wellesley College!
  • LACs
  • Experience at a women’s college
  • The US education system
  • Finding the right fit
Khairul Nazran Kamarulnizam University of Michigan ’17 Self proclaimed ‘Ally of Hope’. I am willing to help anyone if you don’t mind the slight eccentricity and philosophical banter
  • General Application Process
  • Application Essays
  • In need for a pep talk
Khuan Shern Lyn Drake University ’17 I look scarier than my profile pictures but I’m generally approachable, a pain in the behind and highly talkative. I read and write, too.
  • Why US and not UK
  • Essays
A-Levels at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya
Koh Su Ann University of Massachusetts Amherst ’16 Frank and straightforward. Really tall. Outspoken and loves humor and sarcasm. And most importantly willing to help you achieve that American Dream
  • Anything. US application process, types of schools, essays etc etc even questions about the differences of other countries’ education and application process.
Leong Yoke Peng Northwestern University ’12, Caltech PhD Mechanical Engineering/Control/Robotics major. Like robots, traveling, violin, and books. Love Chicago.
  • Undergraduate/PhD life in US
  • PhD applications
  • Northwestern
  • Caltech
  • Budget traveling at US
Lim Sheng Hui University of California San Diego ’17 Lives by motivational quotes.
  • Anything.
Lim Wei Jie New York University ’16 Interested in philosophy.
  • Anything!
IB at Sri KDU
Loh Kai Syuen University of Pennsylvania ’15 I love soul-feeding experiences— anything that cultivates the soul from writing, learning, having new experiences and meeting new people. Anybody is welcome to contact me!
  • Anything to do with university applications, except financial aid application (not familiar)
  • UK university application process
  • US university application process
  • Malaysian Scholarship applications— particularly Maxis, Khazanah, Maybank, Astro
A-Levels at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur
Marie Wong Oxford University ’16 Chemistry major, music, photography, traveling, from Cameron Highlands but lived in 3 different continents and currently finds home in the City of Dreaming Spires (:
  • Anything!
Mark Wong Siang Kai Carnegie Mellon University ’13 Nerd, outgoing, likes to have fun.
  • Application process
  • Difficulties
  • School life
  • Workload
  • Anything really.
Melwyn Pak Brown University ’15 CS concentrator; babels about anything under the sun. Coding/reading/chess/gaming is therapeutic and educational. Following terms will only make sense to some: Paulian, La Sallian, AYTR,Rover.
  • Ask me anything as long as you have done your homework first (because I’ll ask anyway). Admittedly unreliable in topics concerning financial aid, school forms and standardized testing but willing to get you the answers
Ng Hui Xin Smith College ’17 I’m the Malaysian who only found out what mamaks are in secondary school. My interests can’t fit in here – that’s why I’m doing a liberal arts degree!
  • Researching “Fit”
  • Explaining bad results/low GPA
  • Applying to all women’s colleges
  • Crafting essays
ADP at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus
Ng Jung Kian University of Southern California ’14 Ask me anything, and I’ll answer you something. If I don’t know something, I’ll get you someone who knows better at that something.
  • Anything I know. But you don’t know what I know, so ask me what I know before you ask me what you want to know.
Norman Lee Princeton University ’16 Studied in Malaysia until Form 5, got the ASEAN scholarship and went to Anderson Junior College in Singapore, now at Princeton reading Mathematics.
  • Studying in Singapore (before heading to the US)
  • Choosing schools
  • Dealing with rejection letters (I applied to Yale EA and Columbia ED but was turned down by both..)
Singapore A-Levels
Nurul Hidayah Hassan New York University ’14 Occasionally known as the Loudspeaker, loves Joel Stein’s “Awesome Column” in the Time magazine and believes that coffee is one of God’s greatest inventions!
  • Why study in the US
  • US vs. UK/AUS application
  • Application essays
  • Malaysian scholarships
  • Experiences at NYU
Ong Kar Jin Yale University ’17 Hey everybody I’m Kar Jin. I’m really into 3 things in life: food, education and politics… Feel free to contact me over anything really!
  • Applications
  • IB vs A Level ( I did both)
  • Essays
  • Interview etc.
Philip Z Loh Olin College of Engineering ’13 Philip imagines himself as a knight who finds more satisfaction in enabling others to achieve their dreams than working on turning his own into reality.
  • Assimilating into the US
  • Reality checks
  • Soul-searching
  • How it feels to have just graduated.
  • Life, love, liberty, lots of things la.
  • And other technical applications if you want, but I’m mean and honest, so if I doubt your mettle or your heart, you’ll be tested. ;)
A-Levels in Singapore under ASEAN Scholarship
Revathi Krishnan New York University ’17 A big planner and a small achiever.
  • anything that will land you in an American college!
A-Levels at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya
Russell Pang Drake University ’15 Russell was in your shoes 2 years ago and is grateful for the resources USAPPS provided to help him get into his dream university.
  • US Experience
  • Financial Aid from University
  • Actuarial Science or Finance – Programs, Exams, etc.
A-Levels at HELP
Sanggeet Mithra Scripps College ’14 :D
  • Things to consider when picking a college
  • Women’s Colleges
  • The Claremont Colleges Consortium
  • Study-Abroad
IB at United World College
Shafiq Haris Duke University ’16 I like cats.
  • Pretty much anything concerning the application process and Duke University. LET’S GO DUKE!
ADP at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus
Sheikh Muhammad Sharrif University of Iowa ’16 I’m a rising Sophomore majoring in Actuarial Science, and I’m always open to helping out any juniors who want to study in the States.
  • Student life
  • Studies
  • Housing
  • Cost of living
  • Food
  • Anything else related to the university, and living in the States in general.
Stephy Chong Pennsylvania State University ’12 :D :D
  • Applications
  • Penn State
  • Biotech
  • Uni Life
  • Why US?
Syarifah Aminah Ibrahim University of California Los Angeles ’17 Self-professed literary geek, lover of modern art and good (often gastronomic) food. I’ll help as much as I can, where I can :)
  • Essays
  • Recommendations
  • School Forms
  • Common App
  • The UC application.
A-Levels at HELP
Tan Kai Lin Cornell University ’15 I transferred to Cornell University as a sophomore from Taylor’s ADP. I am majoring in Marketing and wish to minor in Communications.
  • Taylor’s ADP
  • US Universities Application Process
  • Student Life in US
  • Application essays
ADP at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus
Tan Kay Hwa New York University ’14 Econs and Comparative Literature(concentrating in Italian Studies). Hit me up for NYC and Florence stories.
  • Anything.
A-Levels at Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas
Tan Wei Jie Rutgers University ’13 Grad. Wishes to go back to school again.
  • What universities to pick
  • Life in the USA, etc.
Teng Chan Leong Carnegie Mellon University ’14 Taiping boy. Normal SMK kiddo. Chemical Engineering. (Mildly) narcissistic. Friendly and prompt with emails, please don’t abuse me. And with this, I’d have 25 words.
  • CMU (and typical schools)
  • Engineering
  • Greeks (service fraternity)
  • Student Life
  • Essays and Co-Curricular (ECA) (for “typical” SMK student)
  • Early Decision
Teoh Jia Ying Middlebury College ’16 Pretty spontaneous, the kind that walks around barefoot in the rain, does cartwheels whenever needed, knows how to say wheelbarrow in 5 different languages.
  • Liberal Arts
  • UWC
  • IB
  • Social life
  • Activities
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Funding opportunities
Victor Tan University of Chicago ’17 I’m Victor. Old, took a gap year after IB, prospective econ major. Lack of sleep = All my life problems. Only Malaysian guy at UoC, dunno why.
  • Standardized testing
  • Resume editing
  • Essay writing
  • Gap years.
IB at Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas
Wan Khye Theng University of Pennsylvania ’13 Recent graduate from UPenn. Would love to help applicants through the application process in any way.
  • Social life
  • Classes
  • Activities
  • Weather
  • Food at Penn & US in general
Yatie Sulaiman University of Wisconsin-Madison ’13 I’m majoring in actuarial science and risk, management and insurance. Graduated and working at risk.
  • Anything related to my school
  • Applications (but I don’t remember exact details)
Yeoh Chen Chow Cornell University ’05 I’m one of the oldies on this list. Happy to share what I know. Great to see many volunteers here!
  • Applications
  • Life in University
  • Career post-University/College
  • USApps
Yeoh Si Ning Cornell University ’13 I greatly enjoy new experiences. I found US to be an invaluable adventure, and would love to help more people get that same adventure too.
  • Applications
  • Preparing for life in the states
  • How to adjust to studying abroad
  • My personal experiences in Cornell, etc.
Yoshnee Raveendran University of California Los Angeles ’14
  • My Major – Computer Science & Engineering
  • Anything about UCLA
A-Levels at Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas
Yugenderan Balamohan Emory University ’15 Photography, Politics and Nasi Lemak
  • Anything!
A-Levels at KDU College


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