Kristina Teow Sue Cheng
NYU ‘16
“I had always known I wanted to pursue higher education in the US, but I had never always known how to apply for colleges in the US due to the complexities of the process. When I attended the USAPP talk in 2011, I found the workshop extremely helpful—my doubts shrouding various matters were suddenly cleared. We were given insights on what admissions officers look for, received advice on what was important for college applications, and I even found my college essay topic right then and there during a small group discussion. Though it was difficult and there were many obstacles during the process, the hard work I’ve dedicated towards my dream definitely paid off, as I couldn’t be happier with my admissions decisions.”

Melissa Tang
UCLA ‘16
“What I really admire about the USAPPs was the continuous help and advice offered by the seniors AFTER the workshop. Sure, the workshop was superb, but I was really touched by the fact that a lot of the seniors were very helpful throughout the application process itself -from reviewing your application essay, calming you down when you start to panic and sharing with you invaluable information that you might not get from Google.

Thank you so much USAPPS!”

Joyce Lim
Wellesley ‘16
“It might have been impossible to leave feeling uninspired by the warm and humble bunch of facilitators at the USApps Workshop. What I loved most about it was the fact that it was completely run by students. The personal touch it added made all the difference. The facilitators never stopped extending their help to us even after the workshop ended. The sessions were oftentimes eye-opening, revealing precious information that could really help one in the application process. At the end of the day, I found the most valuable aspect of the workshop to be the concrete hope that it gave to me.”

Desmond Wee
UPenn ‘14
“I love US education – the liberal arts education because it strikes the perfect balance between pre-professionalism and interdisciplinary breadth. During the exploration of the liberal arts curriculum in my university, I have been exposed to Political Science, a major I have never considered settling on had it not been the choices inherently structured in the US liberal arts education system.The flexibility of the ever-innovating education system has allowed me to switch from majoring purely in Economics to concentrating in Political Economy when I discovered the latter to be a better fit. You must join us in the upcoming USAPPS to learn how you too can become a success!”

Nur Azre Abdul Aziz
Wake Forest University ‘16
“What I love about US Education the most is that it is very holistic and opens many doors for us discover our passion and talents and the environment is very practical, industrial and entrepreneurial-based, hence shaping me into the versatile and credible leader I had always longed to be. The system has helped me to experiment with various areas of knowledge, developing a new area of interests. It is a great opportunity to be able to always learn something new and view every matter from different perspectives. Everyone who is interested in the US Education should definitely join USAPPS to enable them to have a smooth journey in applying to the university which will best suit them and provide them with the ultimate doors towards a great tertiary education experience and bright career pathway.”

Winnie Yeoh
University of Wisconsin-Madison ‘13
“Going to the US Apps workshop definitely did reinforce my decision on furthering my studies in the US. I enjoyed mingling with the people I met there and also the facilitators’ stories of their lives in the States. Getting first-hand advice and tips on how to prepare for the SAT and also adjust to life in the States was comforting as I initially viewed the entire application process as an almost never-ending process. Also, seeing the huge turnout of other participants reassured me that I wasn’t one of those few people who chose to continue my education in the US and it felt like all of us shared a common aim, which was to study in the States. Honestly, for the small participant fee that I had to pay, I feel like I have gotten a lot out of the workshop than I would ever have if I just did the entire application by myself.”

Sandra Tan
NYU Tisch ’16
“America has always been my choice of place to further my studies and when the time came for college applications, I only knew what I could know. That is information from the internet and only a handful of seniors who had already made their way there. The application process is without a doubt tedious and can be very much confusing but attending USAPPS helped clear the air. I left not only with a new sense of clarity but I was also inspired by the facilitators to reach for the stars. Applying to America is a lot simpler than how some perceive it to be and USAPPS is where you can get all the information and guidance you would need.”

Lina Ahmed Abushouk
Sarah Lawrence College ‘15
“Studying in the United States wasn’t something I had thought about when I was doing my A-levels; it wasn’t on my radar. Now, thinking back, I can’t imagine not having gone to the United States to study. The ability to mold and shape my education has given me such great confidence in my self. Rather than have a syllabus dictated to me, I get to design my own syllabus based on what I like, and what I feel is relevant to me and my study in that area. I’ve become invested in my education in ways that I wasn’t before. I didn’t go to a USAPPS workshop to learn about studying in the United States, instead, I learned about it at a talk I was made to listen to at my college. However, if you don’t have access to something like that I can’t think of a better way to learn about the studying in the United States than by attending a USAPPS workshop.”

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