Yeoh Chen Chow

With this US Applications workshop entering its 7th year, Chen Chow hopes that this tradition would be able to continue staying strong and be beneficial to help more Malaysians getting into their dream universities. It is definitely heartening to see many past participants step forward to facilitate and organize this workshop! Currently, Chen Chow is the Chief Operating Officer of Groupon Malaysia & Taiwan. He has prior stint at and Accenture. He is also an alumnus of Cornell University and serves as the Chairman of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network for Malaysia. He can be contactable at chenchow AT gmail DOT com

Jason Leong Chong Beng

Jason is a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Finance and Psychology. His involvement in USAPPS can be traced back to year 2009 when he was an attendee of this workshop. He was compelled and inspired by those who were a part of the workshop, who rendered the workshop ever more eye-opening, thought-provoking and inspiring for him. Having received an offer from UPenn, he came back as a facilitator in 2010 to share his experience with others, in the hope of guiding others to realize their dreams just as how the facilitators during his time inspired him to realize his. Armed with enthusiasm and passion, he then decided to take a step further in reaching out and guiding prospective U.S students by organizing last year’s USAPPS2011 workshop. This year, he will be taking a backseat and will be passing the baton to his dedicated and enthusiastic group of successors.

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