We acknowledge that there are students outside the Klang Valley who are interested in studying in the US. Instead of coming to us, we now bring you the Penang counterpart of the half-day workshop. It is an overview of the US education system, ranging from the introduction of what Liberal Arts Colleges are to how the education in US differs from that of other countries, such as Malaysia, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Get to know the life in different parts of the US and various types of school from a diverse group of facilitators.

Date: 30th June 2012 (Saturday)

Time: 2pm – 6:30pm (Be there by 1pm to check yourself in)

Venue: DISTED College, Penang (Venue Sponsor)

Fee: Free

Eligibility: Students, parents, teachers and school counselors

Tentative Guest Speaker:

  • Ong Ee Cheng

Ee Cheng is an alumna of Wellesley College. She served as a Reader on the Board of Admissions as an undergrad, and is currently the Alumnae Admissions Representative for the state of Rhode Island. She worked in economic consulting in Boston for three years before biting the bullet and heading back to school. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Economics at Brown University, focusing on racial inequality and education. She has taught classes in Principles of Economics and Intermediate Microeconomics at Brown University.


  • Carol Yong- Berkeley College ’11
  • Sara Loh Ci Yan- Smith College ’13
  • Chia Jing Min- Sarah Lawrence College ’13
  • Tan Tzer Han- Cornell University ’14
  • Janice Shiu Mei En- Mount Holyoke College ’14
  • Na Chin Chon- University of Washington- Seattle ’14
  • Desmond Wee Zi Liang- University of Pennsylvania ’14
  • Jason Leong Chong Beng- University of Pennsylvania ’14
  • Heng Wei Ling- Stanford University ’15
  • Chia Jing Yong- University of Virginia ’15
  • Loh Kai Syuen- University of Pennsylvania ’15
  • John Lee Von Leon- University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ’15
  • Noorizuan Shah bin Noorazlan Ong- University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ’15
  • Bee Chern Wei- Cornell University ’16
  • Keng Wah Loon- Lafayette College ’16
  • Loh Jo-Anne- Columbia University ’16
  • Koh Su Ann- University of Washington-Seattle ’16
  • Lin Zhi Ying- University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ’16
  • Chong Su-Ann- University of California-Berkeley ’16
  • Carmen Khoo Yi Lyn- Carnegie Mellon University ’16
  • Edwin Goh Yun Tzer- Georgia Institute of Technology ’16
  • Timothy Goh Kean Khoon- University of Pennsylvania ’16
  • Dylan Ler Hong Jing- University of California-Los Angeles ’16

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